According to Ayurveda, just before doing Panchakarma – Patient should be undergone some of the Purvaroopa’s that is preparatory procedures. Under this we can include 4 such preparatory procedures:-

  1. Deepana
  2. Pachana
  3. Snehana
  4. Swedana

These procedures makes the patient ready to undergo the 5 Therapeutic procedures collectively called as Panchakarma

Now for the question that how these preparatory treatment acts and helps the body ready to eliminate Dosha’s during panchakarama, the answer is that:-

Deepana causes Kindling of Aama, Paachana causes Digestion of Aama, Snehana causes the dosha, utkleshana(Gives an Excitation action for Dosha), Swedana liquefies the dosha and allow it to move to Koshta(Git) from all the Shakha’s(Extrimities of body)

Now after preparatory procedures, during panchakarma it is easy to eliminate the dosha’s present in the Koshta through the nearby orifices.

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