Aschotana:- In this method application of the medicated liquid drug in the eyes in the form of drops. The herbal eye drops are very beneficial for the eyes in all disorders of the eyes.

It is very helpful to prevent the following:-

  • Ruk – eye pain
  • Toda – pricking pain
  • Kandu – eye itching
  • Gharsha – the feeling of friction in the eyes
  • Ashru – excessive lacrimation, tears
  • Daha – burning sensation
  • Raga – eye redness 
  1. In the condition of Vata Dosha imbalance, The Eye drops of medicated liquids should be warm.
  2. In the condition of Kapha Dosha imbalance and cold in blood (Rakta), The eye drops of the medicated liquid should be Lukewarm.



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