Raktamokshana, or bloodletting, it is an important part of the clinical therapeutic use of Panchakarma in the management of several important disease conditions.

Raktamokshana is an effective blood purification therapy, in which carefully controlled removal of small quantities of impure blood is conducted to neutralise accumulated toxins.

when excess toxicity of rakta and pitta has occurred so much so that it cannot be cured by herbs or any other procedure, raktamokshan comes to rescue.

Although Raktamokshana is the most limited of the five major procedures, it provides a rapid and sometimes dramatic reduction of symptoms in certain acute disorders where there is no time for the various phases of Panchakarma like Purvakarma (Preparation for Panchakarma), etc. Raktamokshana can be helpful.


Jalaukavacharana is a type of Raktamokshana where leeches are used for bloodletting. This is considered as the most effective and most unique method of Raktamokshana as vitiated Doshas are removed from the body without using any cutting instruments, so, Raktamokshana by means of ‘Leech’ comes under Ashastra category.



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