Varmam’ is the branch of Siddha system of medicine which involves a special kind of therapy based on vital points called varma points …it is meaning of “art of vital points”. It is a segment of ancient Siddha treatment to treat blood-blockages in body. Varma is the secret art of divine healing & chanting mantras. This treatment is called as VarmaSasthra& is not common today & it is taught only in ancient Gurukulam. Virutcham Clinic is the most popular Siddha Clinic in the Union Territory of Pondicherry, India, offering very specialized treatments in Varmakkalai massage, Nokkuvarmam, Varma pulse diagnosis, Varma mantra prayogam&Varmasparisa treatment.

We can treat various disorders with the help of varma therapy like breathing issues, nerve weakness, nervous disorder, paralysis, heart diseases, dehydration etc,. There is no surgery in our Siddha clinic as we prepare variety herbal oil only for external application.

This healing application called ‘VarmaVaidhiya’ is used to treat patients suffering from paralysis, nervous disorder, spondylitis and other Joint disorders.

According to varma theory, there are points in the body which are vital energy (Pranavayu) storing points through which vital energy is transmitted to various parts of the body and all the functions of the body are mediated. Totally 108 varmanilaigal (points) are defined and these are used to stimulate energy, heal disease or stimulate the immune mechanism. Siddha texts like ‘Varmakannadi’ and ‘Varmasuthiram’ have described about these 108 vital points.

Varmams have been classified based on the type of pressure or the nature of source by which injury is caused.

In Varma literature the following classes of varmams are mentioned.

  • Paduvarmam (varmam due to injury)
  • Thoduvarmam (by touch)
  • Thattuvarmam (by blows)
  • Thaduvuvarmam (by massage)
  • Nakkuvarmam (by lick)
  • Nokkuvarmam (by stare)


The widely used ones are the 12 Paduvarmams and 96 Thoduvarmams as there is less consistency with the other categories because of the way of application and the deeper knowledge needed to apply them. In these categories the Nokkuvarmam is rarely seen practiced, as those masters who were able to do this are almost extinct.

To stimulate the varma points Pressure should be applied in these points at a particular and given strength as mentioned in Varma literature.  However, the same points if wrongly activated may cause pathological changes or diseases and may even result in death. Trauma or injury to tissue or organs around these vital points is harmful and causes diseases which are mentioned in Varma Literature. The practice and method of pressing the varmam points need a great expertise and even a slight deviation may cause adverse results or danger. Among the 108, 12 are major points which control the functions of the vital organs of the body.