The term comprises of two different words Nasa (which means nose) and Dhoomapana (which indicates smoking). It is a medicated smoking therapy practised in Ayurveda by which the medicated fumes are inhaled through one of the nostrils keeping the other one closed and thereby exhaling through mouth. This is done simultaneously on both the nostrils for a specific period of time depending upon the disease condition and as per the advice of the Doctor.

Nasa doomapana is done by igniting a varthi (Vick) which is prepared out of combination of medicated powders and the health seeker should inhale the medicine through the nostrils allowing the fumes to enter into the nostrils and thereafter exhaling it through the oral cavity.

This specific procedure has proven its efficacy in diseases related with Naso- pharyngeal, certain diseases related with respiratory track and also in psychosomatic disorders.


  • Relieves the nasal congestion
  • Helps in normal breathing
  • It has bronchodilator effect
  • Removes excessive phlegm



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