Smasarjana krama is the diet regimen followed after the samshodhana karma. In classics the samshodhana krama is the synonym of panchakarma. A special diet is to be adopted throughout the whole procedure of panchakarma.

This samsarjana karma is the diet or sequence of diets to be followed by the samshodhita purusha after the samshodhana. It could be adopted as per the need of the patient from; peyadi samsarjana karma, tarpanadi samsarjana krama and Rasadi samsarjana karma. It can be modified as per the requirements of the patient.

All different krama are having different diet recipes, which plays the key role. On the bases of ingredients, rasa, amount and time of administration etc. it could be classified and practices. The main aim of samsrjana karma is to provide good strength and energy to the patient in proper manner after the shodhana karma. The whole concept of samsarjana krama depends over the level of shuddhi, agni and bala of the patient.



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