In Ayurveda, Kshara means a caustic substance obtained from the ashes of medicinal plants. They are alkaline in nature and are used to treat various anorectal conditions. Kshara karma is a milder and superior procedure that replaces all surgical methods and effectively treats the condition affecting the anal area with less chance for reoccurrence. Kshara Karma is a safe established procedure that is minimally invasive without any side effects.

Kshara preparation

The whole plant of Apamarga is collected, dried up and burnt to obtain ashes that is mixed with 6 times of water and filtered multiple times to attain a clean and clear liquid. The liquid is evaporated to 1/3rd of its original quantity to get a mild concentrate of Kshara. For a moderate Kshara, some grams of limestone is added to the filtrate solution and continuously stirred and evaporated to 1/3rd of its original quantity. For a highly concentrate Kshara, this is further heated up with Chitraka Kalka to attain a thick solution. The kshara is classified upon their concentration level and is used accordingly.

Procedure for Kshara Karma

The patient administered with a dose of local anesthesia to relax the muscles and to put in a sleep like state so that no pain and discomfort is experienced during the procedure. A lubricated slit proctoscope is passed into the anal canal and Kshara is applied over the internal pile mass to turns color and burning of it. Next, the pile mass is washed with lemon juice to neutralize the Kshara and a rectal pack is applied.

This mode of treatment helps for quick healing and reduces the chance of recurrence. The treatment cuts and drains the pus from fistula in ano and fissure in ano or hemorrhoids and also preserves the continence of anal canal.

Advantages of Kshara Therapy

  • Less intense postoperative pain
  • No bleeding
  • Out Patient Treatment
  • Cost-effective and ambulatory.
  • Faster healing and recovery
  • No risk for recurrence and infection
  • No surgical complications like incontinence and stenosis

General Advices after Kshara Karma Therapy:

At Vaidya Ayurveda hospital, our doctors tailor a customized meal plan for patients who have undergone Kshara karma therapy. This is to be followed strictly to avoid constipation and to clear the bowel regularly without any excess strain on the muscles that enables bowel movement. The diet plan incorporates fibre rich foods with lots of vegetables and fruits along with plenty of water. All spicy and fried food items are excluded as they can interfere with proper functioning of the digestive system. Regular physical activity with less strain such like walking is required to improve the blood circulation to all extremities of the body. Patients are also advised to avoid prolonged sitting that can apply pressure on the area.



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